Accomodations in Ibiza : choose a villa

Accomodations in Ibiza : choose a villa

Ibiza is a popular tourist destination for its fascinating nightlife and music. Ibiza is enlisted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its fascinating beauty. For an enjoyable stay at the Ibiza Island, it is preferable to stay at a villa. Villas are more affordable accommodation. In fact, there are approximately 460 villas in Ibiza. This guide shows the reasons for choosing a villa for an accommodation in Ibiza.

Why stay in a villa?

  • More affordable: Villas are more affordable for the cheapest accommodation price. A villa may not have all the comforts you need; however it is quite affordable.
  • More sociable: You will find it more sociable to stay in a villa because you can stick with your group for the whole stay, without having to mingle with other people, which is the case when you stay at a hotel.
  • More privacy and intimacy: When you stay at a villa, you are far from the wandering eyes and longing ears of those who have to share a hotel with you. You have the villa for you and your partner alone, or for you and your family members alone.
  • More spacious for a large family: A villa may have up to 3 or 10 rooms. As a result, if you spend your vacation in Ibiza with your large family, or with your group of friends, it is easier to find a place where you can stay together.
  • It facilitates arrangements for transportation and activities during your stay at the island. You can always flock together with your family members or friends.
  • More cost effective: If you travel with your friends or colleagues and stay at a villa together, you can reduce your accommodation expenses by splitting the cost. The burden of spending much money on accommodation is reduced at the lowest because you can arrange with your group how you share the accommodation cost at a villa.
  • Greater location: Most villas are set with a panoramic landscape, fantastic swimming pools and you feel really like at home in another country when you stay at those villas in Ibiza. The decorative plants in the background, the great view of the ocean, are enough to help you unwind from stress in those fascinating villas.
  • Provide practical help: To make your stay enjoyable and comfortable at a villa, a wide range of services are offered, such as laundry, ironing, cooking, arranging meals, and other. You will feel just like staying at your home in those villas.

How to find a villa in Ibiza?

Most villas are located in the outskirt part of the Ibiza city center. In fact, many villas are located in the southern part of the island, on C/Escoles Noves. It is the principle of Opodo, an online travel agency to help you find a villa as an accommodation to Iziba.

Go to the Opodo's website, and customize your accommodation search by limiting the search into villas. Opodo will help you organize your trip so that your dreams come true. Book a villa earlier before your flight for the best discount.